Here you will find our current portfolio companies. Each of our great companies has been selected into our programme through a careful tender evaluation process. As part of their application they have presented to ESA a space related incubation project. ESA and Business Finland fund these projects jointly. The average incubation project duration is 1 year at the end of which a successful company will graduate from ESA BIC Finland as an alumnus. For some of our companies, the space industry represents a new business area, or an opportunity to better serve and address their existing markets utilizing space assets, or find new customer segments.

New Space logo refers to our portfolio companies that are dealing with “Earth to Space” projects during incubation. These represent business, technological and scientific opportunities in “extraterrestrial” use cases in addition to their ongoing and evolving business models here on Earth.

Collective Crunch is the leader in AI for the forestry industry. It was the first company to be selected into the ESA BIC Finland programme.

Collective Crunch collects climate, geo and technical data and crunch this information for deeper insights. Its predictions of forest inventories are far more accurate than conventional systems and benefit its international customers.

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Terramonitor (Satellio) joined the ESA BIC Finland incubation programme in the Summer 2018. Terramonitor is the world’s smartest Space Data map and analyzing tool of the globe.

Its mission is to enable access to Space Data for all businesses. Please follow them on Twitter @terramonitor for crisp and cloud-free space images of the globe and sign up for free at:


An article at Spaceoneers:







Terramonitor launches satellite based map (ESA Business Applications news)







AddComposites joined ESA Business Incubation Centre Finland in the Summer of 2018. AddComposites is the world’s first plug-n-play solution for Advanced Composites Manufacturing enabling approx. 3 times faster turnaround, 15 times more cost efficiency and 80% lower labour costs. AddComposites team has roots in the Indian Space Research Organization and has graduated from Aalto University with which the manufacturing process was developed and patented to address the needs of SMEs. The now granted patent belongs to AddComposites.




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Solar Foods, an ESA BIC Finland incubatee since November 2018,  is almost literally making protein foods out of thin air: they are unlocking natural protein from mother nature by producing an entirely new kind of nutrient-rich single-cell protein using CO2 and electricity.

The electricity can come from e.g. solar panels. This will revolutionize food production as Solar Foods’ production is not dependant on agriculture, the weather, or climate. The protein production is cost-competitive and can scale. The key material, CO2, can be captured from the air – combined with solar PV the food production can take place even in desert, arctic or in the space. In March 2018 Solar Foods secured two million euros in investor funding from venture investors and Business Finland.


At ESA BIC Finland, Solar Foods is tackling the specific challenges of food production in space and on Mars-like conditions.

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Tikitin joined ESA BIC Finland incubation programme in November 2018. The mission of Tikitin is to disrupt the 3-billion-€ timing circuit market with its MEMS resonator products.

Tikitin MEMS resonator platform can be used to realize frequency references across wide spectrum of applications ranging from frequency references for mobile phones to oven-controlled reference oscillators for harsh environments such as space. The advantages of frequency reference based on Tikitin MEMS resonators are small size, low power consumption, and excellent thermal stability. Tikitin BEAT resonator platform is available for partner products. Tikitin BEAT combines almost 20 years of research into a solution which is for the first time enables MEMS resonators to be replacements for quartz crystals. This disruptive solution has already been verified with number of different driving circuits with great results.

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Cloud Asset joined the ESA BIC Finland incubation programme in Autumn 2018.

RAMP is a unique digital command & control platform that helps our customers Digitise national scale use cases for Climate Change preparedness, mitigation & management.

RAMP utilizes Space Data, IOT Data & AI for Real-Time Operations & Decision Support.




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ElFys joined the ESA Business Incubation Centre Finland in Autumn 2018. The company is manufacturing extremely sensitive light and radiation sensors. With patented Black Silicon Photodiode technology, Elfys achieves up to 200% improvement in UV and 30-50% in x-ray detection and imaging.

In the ESA BIC Finland, ElFys aims to develop its involvement in space applications and pursue a deep market penetration of the high-performance radiation detection for both space and terrestrial applications.

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New companies will be added after each selection round.