General information & Frequently Asked Questions


ESA BIC Finland is your gateway to space. We give technical and business support and up to 75.000 EUR funding to our incubation companies. The best companies can get additional funding up to 10 Million EUR after successful incubation from our funding partner Business Finland to boost ambitious international growth.

ARE YOU A NON-EU TEAM? You can apply for the Finnish startup visa! Read more HERE

European Space Agency’s Business Incubation Centre has a Permanent Open Call: you can apply at any time. We review the received applications, interview the teams and select new startups into our incubation programme 3 times per year (early Spring, early Summer & late Autumn).

Please contact us before you fill in your application. We are happy to organise a personalised coaching session to go through all of the application documents and their requirements to ensure that your project and application is properly aligned with our selection criteria.


STEP 1: BUSINESS FINLAND funding application and decision

Log in and complete in English the TEMPO funding (50.000 EUR) application of our co-funding partner Business Finland (BF). A positive funding eligibility decision from BF will be required to enter ESA BIC Finland programme but you can file both application steps 1 and 2 at the same time (BF and ESA BIC Finland). 

In your ESA BIC Finland application document “Requirements Checklist” write “compliant” for the Business Finland funding decision to note that you have already applied for the BF part of the funding. Your BF decision should arrive to you in a few weeks. ESA BIC Finland selection panels take place approximately one month after each ESA BIC Finland application deadline. 

If you are not compliant with STEP 1 at the selection panel and your application is accepted, don’t worry: your entry into ESA BIC Finland will only be delayed until you receive a positive decision from BF.

Link to Business Finland application portal:

For any questions regarding Step 1 please contact:

Mr. Pekka Rantala – Business Finland  +358 50 396292 pekka.rantala O   (O equals @, no spaces)

STEP 2: Download and read the Permanent Open Call Documents

Please read the instructions first and then complete the documents. Please use the provided templates.

STEP 3: Complete and send your signed Business and Activity Proposal (BAP) to ESA BIC Finland to:   applicationO   (O equals @, no spaces)


  • Cover Letter
  • Incubation Proposal
  • Business Plan
  • Requested appendixes
  • Business Finland funding decision (if available already)

Questions about Step 2 & 3 of the ESA BIC Finland Open Call? 

ESA BIC Finland program manager Mr. Kimmo Isbjörnssund +358 50 443 68 55 kimmo.isbjornssundO   (O equals @, no spaces)

ESA BIC Finland Communications Ms. Natalie Gaudet +358 505 999442

natalie.gaudetO   (O equals @, no spaces)

You will be notified when we have received your application and if you are invited to pitch on the selection day (Tender Evaluation). If rejected, you will receive feedback how to improve your application. You are welcome to edit your application based on our feedback and re-apply.

We look forward to receiving your application!

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions about the Permanent Open Call and documents:


SATELLITE DATA: What is ESA space data? Where can I get it? 

We have created a downloadable document which explains where all the various satellite data sources can be found and what they are. Where to access EO data

TIP: GET IN TOUCH WITH US to test your idea and to attend a coaching session how to complete your application. This will improve the quality of your entry.

What is the column “COST, Experts (hour)” in “ESA BIC Finland BAP Template for Swot Risk Milestone and Funding” excel sheet?

This refers to the 80 hours of free technical support provided to our startups. Please estimate the expert hours if you can, in each task, if any, and from whom (list of our partners is on our homepage). You can also just mention that you will need 80 hours of technical support, without further details at this stage.


The total ESA BIC Finland funding available to our companies during incubation is 75.000 EUR, consisting of 50.000 EUR from Business Finland and 25.000 EUR from ESA.

For which purposes can the ESA incentive 25.000 EUR be used?

The ESA part (25.000 EUR) of the 75.000 EUR incentive can only be used for product development and IPR work, and must be outsourced to 3rd parties in Finland. It can not be used to pay for your own salaries, for example. Marketing, market studies etc. are only admissible if they are closely related to the product development or IPR of your incubation proposal (not general company marketing or market development).

The terms of the Business Finland part (25.000+25.000 EUR) are available from Business Finland but they are more flexible regarding own salaries, marketing and market development costs.

If we notice that your application contains shortcomings, misses some mandatory information or documents we will kindly ask you to correct these before considering your application.


Do we need to have some own capital?

Yes, Business Finland in particular expects the applying startup to have minimum own capital, e.g. 30.000 EUR. More information from Business Finland (contacts above).

*We are not a company yet (we do not have a Finnish Trade Registry number, in Finnish: Y-tunnus), can we apply?

Yes, you can send us an application even prior to incorporation. However, Business Finland can not make a funding decision before you have incorporated your company. In such cases, the applications to ESA BIC Finland are conditional and depending on actual incorporation and a positive funding decision from Business Finland. More information is available from Business Finland (see their contacts above).