General information & Frequently Asked Questions about the Permanent Open Call:

European Space Agency’s Business Incubation Centre has a Permanent Open Call: you can apply at any time. We review the received applications, interview the teams and select startups into our incubation programme 2 times per year (Spring & Autumn). The submission deadlines for our scheduled reviews are published on our homepage.

You will find detailed instructions how to apply in the provided documents (link below).

To apply for ESA BIC Finland please follow these steps:

Step 1: Log in and complete (in English) the funding application required by our funding partner Business Finland. You can reuse much of the provided information in your ESA BIC application (Step 2 and 3). Please mention ESA BIC Finland in your funding application.

Link to Business Finland application portal:

For any questions about Step 1 Business Finland funding application:

Pauli Noronen – Chief Adviser – Business Finland, Startup Companies +358 50 5577 863

Step 2: Download and read the Permanent Open Call Documents

Please read the instructions first and then complete the application documents.

Step 3: Complete and send your signed Business and Activity Proposal (BAP) to ESA BIC Finland (email to: including:

  • Cover Letter
  • Incubation Proposal
  • Business Plan
  • Requested appendixes
  • Business Finland funding decision (if available already)

Questions about Step 2 & 3 of the ESA BIC Finland Open Call? 

ESA Incubation program manager Mr. Kimmo Isbjörnssund is at your disposal.

All applicants will be notified of their approval or rejection. If rejected, you will receive  detailed feedback what to improve. You are welcome to edit your application and apply again by the next deadline.

We look forward to receiving your application!

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions about the Permanent Open Call and documents:


TIP: GET IN TOUCH WITH US to test your idea and to attend a coaching session how to complete your application. This will improve the quality of your entry.

What is the column “COST, Experts (hour)” in “ESA BIC Finland BAP Template for Swot Risk Milestone and Funding” excel sheet?

This refers to the 80 hours of free technical support provided to our startups. Please estimate the expert hours if you can, in each task, if any, and from whom (list of our partners is on our homepage). You can also just mention that you will need 80 hours of technical support, without further details at this stage.


For which purposes can the ESA incentive 25.000 EUR be used?

The ESA part (25.000 EUR) of the 50.000 EUR incentive can only be used for product development and IPR work, and must be outsourced to 3rd parties in Finland. It can not be used to pay for your own salaries, for example.

The terms of the Business Finland part (25.000 EUR) are available from Business Finland but allow paying own salaries.

These should be reflected properly in your funding application.


Do you require the applicant to have some own capital?

Yes, Business Finland in particular expects the applying startup to have minimum own capital, e.g. 10.000 EUR. More information from Business Finland (contacts above).