Here you will find some of our current portfolio companies. Each of our great companies has been selected into our program through careful tender evaluation. As part of their application, they have presented to ESA a space-related incubation project. ESA and Business Finland fund these projects jointly. The average incubation project duration is 1 year at the end of which a successful company will graduate from ESA BIC Finland as an alumnus. For some of our companies, the space industry represents a new business area, or an opportunity to better serve and address their existing markets utilizing space assets or to find new customer segments. 

Arctic Farming is an AgriTech company solving global food sustainability crises by disrupting how we produce, process and distribute food to the masses.

Their fully automated and easily scalable vertical farming technologies can be used by wholesale, restaurant, and retail industries, as well as by modern urban farmers.

Their innovative technology enables the hyperlocal production of fresh herbs and leafy greens anywhere at any time, significantly reducing global food waste in the process. They joined ESA BIC Finland on 2023.

Website: arcticfarming.fi

iLu Space uses advanced machine learning, AI and satellite data to reduce the impact of climate change. They joined ESA BIC Finland in 2023.

Geospatial data intelligence, for business workflows.

From travel to economics and real estate to the environment, use our geospatial datasets in any way you can imagine: smart cities, agricultural prediction, infrastructure monitoring, renewable energy, natural disasters, and urban green.

Website: iluspace.com

NinjaLABO specializes in shrinking large AI models through its TinyML as-a-Service especially for space satellite Edge AI applications.

They focus on optimizing neural networks for small, low-power devices, crucial in space where size and power are limited. This enables advanced on-board data processing in satellites, enhancing decision-making and mission efficiency in space.

NinjaLABO’s innovations in TinyML position it at the forefront of Edge AI for space technology.

Website: ninjalabo.ai

Winse Power solves technically critical challenges by delivering energy and data with light.

Their optical power link technology delivers energy reliably to places that are hard to power up using conventional solutions.

The core of Winse Power technology relies on their own semiconductor chip technology engineered and built in Tampere Finland. Their technology can be used as is replacement for conventional wires or it can be seamlessly integrated into our customers’ applications.

They joined ESA BIC Finland on January 2024.

Website: winsepower.com