Space As A Service: Welcoming Reaktor Space Lab to Aalto Startup Center


 Being part of ESA Bic Finland is hugely beneficial for all space related startups as the companies receive funding and business support. The startups have access to the big network of both ESA and Aalto Startup Center. 

One of the startups joining in the ranks was Reaktor Space Lab, a company founded by a stellar bunch of Finnish first-generation spacecraft builders. They are on a mission to make space-based services more accessible and affordable by building beyond state-of-the-art nanosatellites, for both ESA and commercial use. 

The company was launched in 2016, when the first Finnish satellites were made in Aalto University. The satellite researchers from Aalto University joined forces with Reaktor company with a common goal to provide much needed services for many industrial sectors that can only be achieved by a fleet of nanosatellites, thus Reaktor Space Lab was born. 

 In 2018, Reaktor Space Lab had already launched Finland’s first-ever commercially built nanosatellite, called “Hello World”, into orbit. “Hello World” was built to demonstrate key technologies such as the world’s smallest hyperspectral camera intended for space use.  

“The mission has been a great success, and the satellite is still going strong after two years in space.”, says Tuomas Tikka, CEO of Reaktor Space Lab. 

Now, the company is finalizing the first ever satellites ordered by ESA called W-Cube and Sunstorm. These satellites will also demonstrate key technologies for future telecommunications services and space weather forecasting. Next, the company will launch their first space-based service. 

“It is more crucial than ever to provide timely information about the environment due to climate change and unsustainable practices currently used in agriculture and many other industrial sectors. Our upcoming fleet of nanosatellites can play a key role in helping to take wiser decisions and make our planet’s ecosystem great again.” 

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