ESA BIC Finland welcomes 6 new companies in the program


6 news companies were admitted into the European Space Agency- Business Incubator program this summer. These startups will receive funding from ESA-BIC and Business Finland, and will receive support from ESA-BIC and Aalto Startup Center.

Meet the 6 news startups:

Arctic Positioning Systems
Arctic Positioning Systems is making the smallest positioning tracker in the world.

Fibrobotics is developing state-of-the-art testing instrumentation for materials. They will develop the instrumentation and services even further to enable micro scale testing.

Missing Link 
Missing Link is developing a patented system to make wireless data transmission more reliable and identify and locate wireless interference sources.

Reaktor Space Lab
Reaktor Space Lab is developing a space-based hyperspectral imaging and analytics service for agriculture. The company’s solution is based on a constellation of nanosatellites equipped with beyond state-of-the-art hyperspectral imagers.


Urban Zee improves air pollution tracking in cities by building hardware and software for communities that collaborate with local governments, and measures cities in detail to help its citizens make decisions to optimize their health and air quality.

Yield Systems 

Yield Systems is an AI company with science background developing machine vision and  learning solutions for agri-food value chain.

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