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The Tampere region is home to open-minded businesses with the hunger to grow.  Instead of following others, we stay one step ahead. Tampere is about innovation and keeping the focus on the future. Tampere-based companies are world-leaders in many sectors.

There’s something wonderfully traditional, even seductive in Tampere, and something so dynamic but relaxing. This unique attitude also reflects on the numerous business success stories in the region.

Tampere is already known as a leading industrial city around Europe and the world, combined with ICT expertise which is exceptionally strong in the area. Anything is possible in the happiest country in the world and in its most attractive city.

For companies Tampere Region is an ideal place to do business, where the scale makes it easy get around, meet the right people and collaborate with other businesses.

Tampere offers an excellent framework for entrepreneurship. The city actively invests in young entrepreneurs, and the strong local startup culture has created countless success stories.

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