Aurora Propulsion Technologies announces the availability of the worlds first micro-resistojet thruster


ESA BIC Finland announces that our incubation programme company Aurora Propulsion Technologies produces the world’s smallest single orbiter thruster at our facilities in Espoo, Finland.

Aurora Propulsion Technologies is pleased to announce the worlds first micro-resistojet thruster. The Single Orbital Thruster is the world smallest commercially available full in-orbit thruster system. With the propellant tank of environmentally friendly propellant and control electronics module on less than 20mm cubed and the thruster and nozzle module only 6mm in diameter and sixteen long, the package is, small enough to fit the smallest of small and cube satellites. The miniature propulsion system weights under 20g, but is capable of producing a controllable 0.2-2mN’s thrust.
The unit is designed to be optimal for engineering studies, detumbling of satellites in space and small orbit corrections, such as evasive manoeuvres.
Aurora Propulsion Technologies makes these revolutionary thrusters at ESA BIC facilities in Finland.
We are currently looking for partners to work with us to further develop the technology through satellite integration and further collecting customer feedback on the features and functionalities of the thruster system.

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